O2 Touchpoint

O2 Touchpoint is a new in-store, customer-facing, omnichannel tool developed by 15Gifts.com – a leading UK SaaS company.

In-store agents use the tool to build greater customer confidence through impartial and intelligent recommendations, based on what like-minded customers are buying. Agents can also create customer profiles, calculate how much data they need, and email the recommendation to the customer. This creates a seamless shopping experience, where the customer can continue shopping online, or return to any O2 store to complete their purchase.

As the sole copywriter, I created the name of the tool and crafted all copy, working from 15Gifts’ initial prototype. The key was to write concise and fluid copy that is useful to agents but can also be shared with customers. It was also crucial that the copy was not overly prescriptive and didn’t risk interrupting the agent’s natural conversation with the customer.

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