British Exploring

Adventure Leader 2008/2011
Arctic 2008:
I co-led a group of 11 young people (aged 16-21) on a five week expedition in Svalbard. Living out of rucksacks, eating rations and camping on ice and moraine, I facilitated the group’s Geography project, which involved measuring the ablation of glaciers. On return, I wrote the trip resort for the group. We presented the findings of the expedition at the RGS.

Amazon 2011: Living in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in Peru for three weeks, I co-led another group of 16-21 year olds. Working with Peruvian and UK scientists, we collected data on the species in the reserve, which included catching and measuring caiman (small crocodiles). During the trip, I led a workshop on travel writing and supported the student’s individual group projects.

Marketing co-ordinator 2009 – 2012
As marketing co-ordinator for the SouthEast and Channel Islands, I wrote marketing materials, introductory letters and emails to schools, creating a list of contacts from scratch. I then organised and delivered school talks to promote the society’s expeditions and recruit new members.

Adventure Travel Show speaker
I represented the company at the annual Adventure Travel Show, hosting two scheduled talks at this national event.

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