Fall back in love with your blog

Blogging. Who needs it now we’ve got Twitter?


Writing a blog takes up your time or, if you’re paying a freelance copywriter to blog for you, your money. And what’s the point of your blog anyway? Does anyone even read it?

Why bother with blogs?

Almost every company has a blog, but ask why a business needs one, and you’re likely to be met with blank faces. This can be demoralising, whether you’re writing the blog yourself, or forking out for a blog copywriter to write posts for you.

The good news? Blog writing is valuable and does benefit your site, so long as you post high quality content that adds credibility and visibility to your business.

Here’s why:


  • Give your brand personality. Friendly, honest blog writing puts a human face behind the sales blurb on your website and shows your customers and potential clients that you and your company are ready and willing to communicate with the real world. This personality should reinforce or refresh your existing brand identity and communicate your company ethos to new clients.
  • Position you as an expert in the marketplace. Insightful and informative blog writing shows the world that you know your stuff. Write intelligent yet accessible posts that demonstrate your specialist understanding and services to communicate your expertise.
  • Improve your online visibility. The main reason most businesses blog is to attract new customers and drive sales, but how does this work exactly? In short: every time you post a relevant blog, Google indexes that page and you increase the likelihood of a potential client finding your site through an online search. Optimise your post with keywords and links, and the potential for new leads increases. Once you have in excess of 300 quality pages indexed on your blog, you’re likely to see an significant increase in the number of visitors to your site.
  • Showcase your talent and promote your work. Perhaps you’re a garden designer who wants to show-off your latest creation, a soil analyst who wants to document your work and attract funding, a musician with new material, or even a blog writer who wants to prove you can write.
  • Stay up to date with the latest innovations. Prove that you’ve got your finger on the pulse and satisfy your customers that you’re a dynamic and forward thinking company by blogging about recent breakthroughs, pioneering ideas and new technology in your industry.
  • Give clients a reason to revisit your site: You may not change or update your website for several years, so once a client has finished working with you or using your site, they’re not being encouraged to return. Promise and deliver regular and informative blog posts, and they’ll be more tempted to come back and see what you’re up to.
  • Blog to build trust: The web is a big place, littered with dodgy companies, redundant sites and potential hackers. Use a blog to prove that you’re one of the good guys and show that you’re an active site with satisfied customers. Even better, if visitors see that your blog has a decent following and that others are sharing and linking to your posts, your trustworthiness can rocket.

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