Blog writing tips to make your webcopy work harder

Once upon a time, blog writing was all about optimising your website through keyword use. While this is still essential, search engines and web-users have wised up. Today, the authority and quality of your blogcopy and the activity that goes on within your blogs are just as important.

Updating your site with regular blog content is one way to keep your website current, show that your site is active and generate SEO-friendly copy but write the wrong stuff and you’ll be wasting your time.

Make your webcopy work harder and boost your SEO ranking with these five top blog writing tips:

1. Become an authority in your area of expertise by creating a blog-site that’s so great, it’s the first place your particular clients come to for advice and info. This takes time – no-one becomes top-dog overnight – but start making a habit of sharing your unique expertise, shouting about new industry trends and educating the rest of the web with your specialist knowledge.

2. Link in and out with high-quality websites and encourage other sites to link back to you. Again, the authority of your content is what makes people want to link to your work naturally, but you can ease this along by networking through Twitter, Facebook  and Linkedin.

3. Be unique in what you deliver. There’s little point in regurgitating what’s already on the web, unless you have a valuable new insight or a unique perspective to add. Being unique also helps to carve yourself a distinct web identity, so that webusers can recognise where your expertise lies. For example, what sort of writing do you specialise in? Are you a technical copywriter, a lifestyle blogger or a travel journalist?

4. Clever keyword use is vital. Consider keyword use for every blog page on your website – what word searches would lead your audience to land here? But never compromise keyword use for credibility: if keywords spoil the quality of your copy, then press on without them – your readers will soon click away if they sense a page is written more for SEO rankings than to benefit them.

5. Create cracking headlines that entice your audience to read the whole article. How many headlines do you scan, and how many full articles to actually read? What makes you read on? Writing killer headlines is an art form – one that talented copywriters get paid packets for – but anyone can upgrade the quality of their headline by thinking carefully about how appealing their headline is. If you’re stuck for inspiration, flick through a newspaper (tabloids are particularly good), read a magazine or browse the web for headlines that grab you. Contact me for copywriting services